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Posts: 4, Înscris: Toate evident nedorite pt sanatate. In situatii mai rele, pot avea efecte grave, pot afecta inima, ficatul, pot da stari de anxietate, palpitatii si chiar moarte. Exista pastile termogenice care se vor destepte, totusi lista de efecte adverse este impresionanta, nu stiu de ce ar lua cineva de buna voie asa ceva.

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Cate-un ceai verde e ok, insa pomparea de ceaiuri diuretice si pastile de slabit sunt o cale sigura catre boala. SuperMelon, on 4th February, said: Hydroxycut Hydroxycut was promoted as being created and endorsed by doctors.

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Television advertisements for Hydroxycut featured Jon Marshall, a graduate of Midwestern University's osteopathic medical school, and still in residency. The New York Times reported in that internal documents from the manufacturer of Hydroxycut indicated that the company buried studies showing that Hydroxycut was ineffective, covered up evidence of cardiac side effects, and even tampered with the documents it submitted as evidence in the lawsuit. On May 1,the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA issued a warning to consumers to stop using Hydroxycut immediately because of the risk of serious side effects or death.

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The manufacturer then recalled the products,[3] although a new formulation of Hydroxycut weight loss products pareri pastile de slabit been created and is being sold. Nine of the cases had been reported to the FDA, while eight were seen by the authors of the study.

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Looking at factors like patients' risk factors for liver disease and the timing of their Hydroxycut use, the researchers found that for eight of the liver-damage cases, there was a greater than 95 percent likelihood that the weight-loss aid was to blame.